MIND & BODY

The Haven Holistic Full Body Massage
A combination of traditional and holistic massage techniques to create a feeling of well being, commencing with a soothing scalp massage and body brushing.
55 mins                              £52.00     (Members £46.80)

The Haven Holistic Back and Scalp Treatment
The back is revitalised with body brushing and deep muscular tension is released throughout your back, neck and shoulders.
45 mins                               £50.50     (Members £45.45)

A total scalp, face and body massage using a selection of essential and vegetable oils specifically blended for you.
1 hour 15 mins                    £56.50     (Members £50.85)

A therapeutic and deeply relaxing therapy which is both regenerative and calming.  With the use of the skilfully applied pressure to the feet, this ancient art helps restore balance to both the body’s organs and systems and to mental and emotional states.
1 hour                                    £51.50     (Members £46.35)

Hot Stone Massage
A deeply soothing treatment that performs an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining action due to the use of heated basalt stones with therapeutic oils.  Tired, sore and aching muscles are relaxed, tensions held at the deepest level are released.  A truly unforgetTable treatment.
1 hour  25 mins                    £76.00     (Members £68.40)

Hot Stone Massage on a specific area of the body
55 mins                                £63.00     (Members £56.70)

The word Reiki can be translated to mean “Universal Life Energy”, and through a series of hand positions, this subtle energy can be used to stimulate the body in its own healing process.  All disease, injuries or stresses may benefit from this natural, re-energising and relaxing therapy
1 hour                                  £51.50     (Members £46.35)

Hopi Ear Candling
This ancient natural therapy has its origins based with the Native American Hopi Indians of Northern Arizona.  This intensive but pleasant treatment draws on the healing and deep spiritual rituals used by Shamen Healers who traditionally used this therapy to cleanse and harmonise the aura, driving out negative energies, cleansing and clearing problems relating to the ear and head. This treatment is enhanced by a scalp massage which stimulates the metabolic and lymphatic system.
55 mins                               £49.50     (Members £44.55)

New Beginnings
A pre and post natal treatment incorporating a full body massage and facial. Designed specifically for mothers during this special time.
1 hours 25 mins                  £75.00     (Members £67.50)

Shea Butter Cream Massage
This luxurious body massage with the delicious ingredients of shea butter cream, olive oil and aromatic essential oil will leave your skin silky smooth and your body and mind relaxed.
1 hour                                 £59.50     (Members £53.55)

Thalgo Polynesia Spa Ritual....*NEW*
Experience Polynesia the exotic sensorium spa ritual, inspired by four of the most beautiful islands hidden in the Pacific. This luxurious treatment begins with an Azure water foot bath inspired by the crystal waters of the Mahani lagoon. Next is the exotic island Body Scrub, a body scrub blended with pure white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shell and Monoi oil. The Manama massage followed by the Lomi-Lomi massage and warm sand pouches, loosen the muscles and nourish the skin. Finally Polynesian sacred oil from Raiatea is swept over the skin leaving a beautiful sun kissed glow.
1 hour 25 minutes               £79.50     (Members £71.55)

The Haven Spa Facial....*NEW*
Our signature Facial includes the unique daily radiance facial oil - created and blended for you to take home.
1 hour 15 minutes               £71.00     (Members £63.90)

Antioxidant Facial
This astonishing treatment uses Casamara anti-ageing formulations combined with a specialised mask containing the super vitamins A, B2, C & E. This facial will fight to reduce the signs of ageing, making your skin fresher and younger looking.
1 hour 15 minutes             £63.00     (Members £56.70)  

The Haven Hot Stone Ritual
In conjunction with Skin care experts Thalgo, we have designed the Ultimate Face and back treatment. The Haven Hot Stone Ritual Commences with a body polish of the back we then use the wonderful Hot Stones to deeply massage the muscular fibres. We commence the final part of the treatment using the amazing Thalgo Skin care range. The model in our training said it was one of the best treatments she had ever experienced! We agree.
1 hour 45 minutes               £82.00     (Members £73.80)

Super Collagen Facial
Using soluble collagen and active ingredients of green tea or Vitamin C, this luxurious treatment regenerates and hydrates the skin to soften and plump out fine lines and wrinkles.
1 hour 15 minutes               £64.50     (Members £55.85)

24 Carat Gold Facial
This illuminating treatment includes a mask using the minerals from 24 carat gold - your complexion will glow.
1 hour 15 minutes               £66.50     (Members £59.85)


The Haven Holistic Manicure
A holistic arm, hand and nail treatment including exfoliation, a therapeutic massage and a bottle of your chosen nail varnish colour.
55 minutes                          £34.00     (Members £30.60)

The Haven Express Manicure or Pedicure
25 minutes                          £26.00     (Members £23.40)

French Manicure or Pedicure
This treatment includes the same as the Haven Holistic Manicure and leaves you with a beautiful, classic French polish.
1 hour 10 minutes               £40.50     (Members £36.45)

The Haven Holistic Pedicure
A holistic leg, foot and nail treatment including exfoliation, hot stone massage and a bottle of your chosen nail varnish colour.
55 minutes                           £37.00     (Members £33.30)

Waxing & Tinting
Full Leg Wax                                  45 mins               £26.50     (Members £23.85)

Full leg Wax and bikini line          55 mins               £33.50     (Members £30.15)

Bikini wax                                       15 mins               £17.00     (Members £15.30)

Half Leg Wax                                 30 mins                £19.50     (Members £17.55)

Radical Brazilian                            30 mins               £28.50     (Members £25.65)

Brazilian                                          30 mins               £22.00     (Members £19.80)

Under arm Wax                              15 mins               £14.00     (Members £12.60)

Back and Chest Wax                     1.15 mins           £42.00     (Members £37.80)

Back Wax                                         45 mins              £28.00     (Members £25.20)

Chest Wax                                        30 mins              £26.00     (Members £23.40)

Lip Wax                                             15 mins             £12.00       (Members £10.80)

Chin Wax                                           15 mins            £12.00     (Members £10.80)

Lip and Chin Wax                             25 mins            £18.00     (Members£16.20)

Eyebrow shape                                15 mins             £17.00     (Members £15.30)

Eyebrow or eyelash tint                  25 mins             £17.00     (Members £15.30)

Eyelash and eyebrow tint               25 mins             £28.00     (Members £25.20)

(24 hour patch test required for tinting)


For Face or Body Treatments please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment time.
You will be provided with a robe and can enjoy a mineral water or herbal tea in our Relaxation Lounge.

As a courtesy to other clients and our Therapist, please give at least 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment.
Please note there is a cancellation fee of 50% if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours notice. 
Missed appointments will be charged at 100% of the treatment price.

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